Repairs & Leaks Policy.   

Revision 2018.
Through choosing to have your products repaired it is our aim & intention to do this to the best of our ability using both our knowledge & experience.
It should be noted that any work we carry out in relation to repairs does not come with any form of guarantee that the fault will be rectified nor the same, similar or new problems will occur or recur in the future as either a direct or indirect result of any work carried out by us or anybody working on our behalf.

Repairs to windows & doors etc
Repairs to windows & doors etc come in many forms and although it is our aim and intention to repair the item it is quite often the case that there is an underlying cause which triggered the problem initially.
For example, quite often a door lock will break or fail to operate correctly because the hinges are causing the lock to misalign.
If in the unlikely event we were to install a faulty part then replacement parts will be covered under the manufacturers standard warranty solely at the manufacturers discretion and only on the condition that the part is considered faulty once it has been returned and inspected by the supplier.

Also, we would need to be satisfied that the cause of the failure is not due to any other reason such as misalignment, incompatibility or any other contributing factor.

Any other circumstance or service provided by us will not be covered by any kind of warranty and any recurring issues will be treated individually and will be charged for accordingly.

Our aim and intention is to cure your leak or ingress problem with the minimum of disruption possible. Leaks can sometimes be the hardest thing to trace, the general rule is “if there is a hole then water will find it”.
If the cause is not obvious then we may try a series of tests or ask a few questions with the intention of getting a familiarisation for the frequency and behaviour of the problem, this is dependant on the individual problem and it’s possible causes. On occasion, these types of problem are remedied through an elimination process and can sometimes take a while to pinpoint & rectify.
Due to the nature of the installation which we would be unfamiliar with we DO NOT guarantee any remedial works carried out with regard to further ingress. Each return visit relating to the original problem will be treated individually and you will be charged accordingly.